Recent Lessons Learned The Hard Way

There’s no such thing as stasis. Only resistance to change.

If the marathon is long enough, you’ll eventually shit yourself.

Until you’re dead, you can survive anything.

At most, a person can only ever mean what they say in that very moment.

You can always hope, but expectations are nothing but dangerous.

There are three parts to you: The ship, the passenger, and the captain. The captain must always mind both its ship and its passenger in order to survive a sometimes brutal, one-way journey.

You can neither save nor be saved be someone else. Be your own fucking hero.

Love isn’t real until it’s freely expressed. And it isn’t true until you can let it go.

You can’t be honest with others until you can first be honest with yourself. And if it’s not hard somehow, then you’re not really being honest.

Just because you’re open, doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to close a door. And just because a door is closed now, doesn’t mean it has to remain closed forever.

You can never really know anything. Most of what we perceive is filler. What we do perceive is filtered. And what we actually understand is only a fragment.

Nothing means anything, except for what it means to you.

You can never control how you feel, only how you respond to that feeling.

Everyone is broken somehow. You just never know to what degree.

Don’t get over it, ignore it, forget it, or regret it. Just deal with it.

Think of life as an epic experiment that can go terribly wrong or surprisingly well, sometimes both, and occasionally at all once.

Instead of anticipating every outcome, be open and see what happens. It will be way more interesting, and far more fulfilling.

Unplanned, happy surprises are the best experiences one can have in this life. Be that unplanned, happy surprise in someone else’s life as much as you can.

It’s better to not want anything too much.

A willing leader is an unworthy one.

If you can’t be vulnerable, then you’ll always be a coward.

If you’re perspective hasn’t changed somehow recently, then you’re not trying hard enough to understand.

At some point words will fail each other. At other points, words will be all that you have to save one another.

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