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Dear reader,

When I started Autodidactic Designer, I never had any ambitions to market or “monetize” it through advertising. I still don’t, which is why I pay WordPress lots of money each year to NOT show ads. However, it would be nice to earn a little revenue for all the work I put into it.

Last time I checked, there were about 10 people who actually subscribed this blog. I don’t promote it except to my 500 followers on LinkedIn. And since I avoid all other social media, there’s basically zero opportunity for me to reach new audiences (or earn money from them in a way that feels good).

What, then, is a social-media-phobic creator supposed to do?

There is one option that recently caught my interest: Brave, a unique browser with ad blocking and tracking protection built in, and a novel way to reward creators. Anyone who uses Brave can choose a low monthly subscription which gets paid directly to the content creators they visit online. Creators like me.

So, if you enjoy the articles I post, do me a favor and use this referral link to download the Brave browser:

I get $5 if you download and use Brave for a month. You get to enjoy an add-free web experience without compromising your online privacy. It seems like a more reasonable way to fund my creativity without bombarding readers with shitty ads that track their every move online.

Thanks for your support,